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Optimize Each Load with Precision & Make Better Profits

The BRT5 Series II onboard scale from TrackWeight is the latest axle weighing technology on truck and semi-trailer. 20 years of expertise in weighing at your service. The new BRT Series II is the result of major research and development investments and makes use of the  most advanced technology  for weighing trucks and trailers.

Optional Extras

Ez~Scale :: We Distribute TrackWeight Truck Scales with Optional Ticket Printer


Conveniently installed in the cabin to print summary or detail tickets for operators or customers.

Ez~Scale :: We Distribute TrackWeight Truck Scales with Optional LED Lights

External Load Indicators

Provide helpful information about the load status by axle group from outside the vehicle.

Air Hose & Gladhand Package

Allows for trailer instrumentation and for attaching the trailer’s air hose to the TrackWeight in-cabin air sensor.

Product Features

  • Customizable multifunction display
  • User-friendly icons
  • Metric or imperial units of measure
  • Manages up to 25 profiles
  • USB Port
  • High speed processor

Product Benefits

  • Customize the display for ease-of-use and fast training
  • Monitor and optimize with weighing system telemetry function
  • TrackWeight analyzes thousands of suspension readings per second for ultimate precision
  • Dust resistant, voltage sure resistant, vibration & shock resistant for dependable operation
  • -20 to 70C operating temperature for year round dependability

About TrackWeight

TrackWeight products are of industrial grade and must be in compliance with very right specification in order to sustain the most rigorous climate and vibration conditions

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