The Most Accurate Loader Scale You’ll Find

Ez~Scale :: The Most Accurate Loader Scale You'll Find

Here are some of the benefits our customer enjoy when they use Ez~Scale loader scales:

  • Accuracy – Ez~Scale measures within ½ of 1% accuracy while the machine is moving (Most competitors advertise + or – 1% provided that the machine is stationary, hydraulic oil warmed up and specific RPM is achieved.)
  • Low Maintenance – Ez~Scales rarely need to be recalibrated, and can be adjusted over the phone
  • Easy-to-Use – Operators can be fully trained within an hour and the indicator features an intuitive touchscreen operation
  • New or Existing Equipment – Ez~Scale can be easily installed on new equipment or retrofitted on existing machinery

Why Our Customers Trust Us

Since 1973, we’ve built a solid reputation for providing expert advice, reliable products and great service. Here are some of the reasons why our customers trust Ez~Scale for their loader scale and other construction machinery accessories.