Specialized Camera Solutions

It is Stoneridge-Orlaco viewpoint that optimal vision around every vehicle and vessel should be the norm. We develop professional vision solutions for every situation with the goal: More safety, efficiency, ergonomics and comfort. We are a leader in the integration of camera-monitor systems for OEMs and a leader in the aftermarket worldwide. By keeping engineering, production, testing and service in house, we create success.

Optional Extras

Switchers &

Connect several cameras to one monitor, which also provides camera power


Special cable reels can be added to systems installed on cranes and handlers


Specially designed mounting brackets for optimal stability and camera protection


  • Adjustable monitor brightness to ambient light levels
  • 100% watertight & waterproof enclosure
  • Shockproof and vibration-resistant
  • Heated lens
  • Designed to last


  • 100% watertight to protect against humidity and rain
  • “Sees” better in the dark than a human eye
  • Heated lens surface prevents condensation or frost
  • Mounting brackets provide easy monitor installation in cab
  • Rugged construction protects against vibration, dust and extreme temperatures

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About Orlaco

Stoneridge-Orlaco is the market leader in the field of camera and monitoring systems for commercial and industrial vehicles. This means we supply leading vehicle manufacturers around the world. Our systems increase safety, improve ergonomics, create greater comfort and provide for more efficiency.

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