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VEI Millennium 5

Optimize Your Productivity & Profitability

VEI onboard scales are in use on all types of machines in a wide range of industries. In every application, our scales deliver the most accurate information possible to achieve better optimization of your loadouts, production processes, sales analysis, inventory updates, truck-load optimization and loader productivity. Simple and straightforward to install, scales will fit perfectly into your equipment with easy setups by factory-trained VEI technicians or your own personnel.

Optional Extras

Ez~Scale :: VEI Helper XE VPrint Thermal Printer

On-Demand Ticket Printing

Seamless connection to a ticket printer allows fast printing of informative tickets from the cab.

Ez~Scale :: VEI Helper XE iPotWeb Monitoring Software

Monitoring Software

Stores all data in a single database for inventory tracking, extensive reporting & data export.

Real-Time WiFi Link

Connect your Millenium 5 via wifi to access load information and other data in real-time.

Ez~Scale :: VEI Helper XE TrackWeight Wireless Connection

Stay Connected … 24×7

Keep your payload information visible around the clock with the TrackWeight wireless connection.

Product Features

  • Numeric keypad & directional control for easy operator use
  • Durable construction to protect against dust & salt mist, extreme temperatures and vibration & shock
  • Small format for unobtrusive mounting & use
  • Highly accurate weighing
  • Easily transferable from one machine to another or for use with multiple buckets or forks
  • High Resolution Color Display
  • Built-in USB Data Transfer
  • Optional thermal printer

Product Benefits

  • Improve loading efficiency by preventing overloading/underloading
  • Ensure your loads meet legal standards before they leave your facility
  • Monitor and manage load data in real-time to improve efficiency
  • Easy to upgrade so you get additional functionality and the latest enhancements
  • Durable construction ensures that your equipment lasts a long time and delivers you great value!

About VEI

A market leader in onboard weighing innovation, VEI is still passionate about its customers needs since 1986. VEI’s products satisfy the most demanding applications.

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