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Conveyor Belt Scale

The SciTronics Conveyor Belt Scale CS 1000 is designed to meet the rugged demands of the crushing and processing industry while maintaining the accuracy and reliability expected. The rigid steel construction of the carriage assembly ensures permanent alignment with the conveyor.

Optional Extras

Feed-Rates Controller

Designed to provide constant rate control at a specific set point to assure accurate throughput of product.

Weight-Belt Feeder

 Designed to measure a wide variety of products during the pre-feeding and blending process.


Display truck ID, set point, load and conveyor conditions in real-time for workers to see and monitor.


Integrates to up to four belt scales to calculate and display line speed and load weight.

Product Features

  • ┬▒0.5% accuracy on approved applications
  • Conforms to CEMA standards – belt width + 11″ (27.94cm)
  • Rigid steel construction
  • Three-point (delta) suspension
  • Isolated from conveyor
  • Bearing-less pivots
  • High visibility, 4-line, 20-character alphanumeric display

Product Benefits

  • Precision NTEP-approved load cell for high accuracy weights
  • Integrate multiple scales to economically manage multiple lines
  • Detects ferrous & non-ferrous tramp for optimized sorting
  • Immune to temperature and humidity effects so your weights are always accurate
  • Runs up to 1200 ft./min for the most demanding applications

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About SciTronics

SciTronics was founded in 1981 with the mission of developing a high quality, very reliable Tramp Metal Detection Unit for conveyors.

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