Optical Laser Belt Scale

Do you have portable crushing or screening plant or bulk materials with low density that no belt scale can measure accurately? As opposed to conventional belt scales, with LaserTronik Optical Laser Belt Scale, it is possible to measure these and get the exact data of the material that is carried on your conveyor belt.

Optional Extras

Ez~Scale :: VEI Helper XE VPrint Thermal Printer

On-Demand Printing

Integrates with ticket and page printers for real-time data reporting on the line or in the office.

Ez~Scale :: VEI Helper XE iPotWeb Monitoring Software

Data Exchange System

Connects to a data management system for real-time data access on your weighing operations.

Product Features

  • Volumen3 technology for precise measurement
  • 200 laser calculations per second
  • Simple installation and navigation system
  • Report/ticket printing & remote data access
  • Capable of measuring wood, asphalt, concrete, compost, household waste or powdered substances

Product Benefits

  • Rapid calculations for precise weight accuracy
  • Rugged design means reliable operation through rain, snow, high humidity and direct sunlight
  • Simple operation reduces training and operation costs
  • Accurately weighs low density materials other devices cannot
  • Mounts to your existing conveyor belt for fast installation and easy maintenance

About LaserTronik

Lasertronik, your competent partner for measuring devices for the aggregate, dosage and mixing industry.

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