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Quite simply… ACCURACY

Ez-Scale for wheeled loaders is GUARANTEED to be the MOST ACCURATE loader scale available in the world today for weighing while the machine is on-the move. Only the Ez-Scale system advertises accuracy of better than ½ of 1% accuracy.

Competent loader operators report, that after operating their loader with the Ez-Scale for approximately four hours, it does not affect their cycle time.

The biggest reason is that the Ez-Scale system is designed to be used while the machine is moving! Competitors weighing systems state right in their operators manuals… For best accuracy… The machine should be stationary, run at a certain RPM and hydraulic oil should be warmed to operating temperature.


Dual transducers are standard equipment with the Ez-Scale, by using two transducers in the hydraulic boom cylinder circuit and automatically stopping the boom before measuring the oil pressure the operator does not have to stop the machine to get accurate weighing while on the move.

The reason is: One transducer is mounted in the base end circuit; the other is mounted in the rod end circuit. When the Ez-Scale automatically stops the boom in the hold or neutral position, the oil is trapped on either side of the hoist cylinder piston and the main control valve spool. When the loader hits a bump, the load can be thrown up or down causing the pressure in the base end of the cylinder to increase/decrease, however the pressure in the rod end will increase/decrease and the Ez-Scale computer will quickly analyze these readings and still display an accurate weight.

Some major manufacturers of weighing systems that weigh without stopping the boom recommend in their operators’ manual, that to obtain accuracy the operator must ensure:

The loader is on level ground Ez-Scale can operate on grades up to 15%

The loader is stationary Ez-Scale is designed to weigh with the machine moving.

If the machine has been standing idle for more than 30 minutes or has been used only occasionally over this period, the hydraulic oil should be warmed up and the scale should not be used until hydraulic oil is at normal operating temperature. Because the oil just pushes against the Ez~Scale transducer, as opposed to moving in the system, which causes pressure changes while weighing, hydraulic oil temperature is not critical to Ez~Scale ‘s accuracy.

The load is to be raised smoothly through the trigger point at about half engine RPM Ez-Scale can be used at any RPM selected by the operator when zeroing the scale.

Do not allow the machine to rock while it lifts; Ez-Scale generally weighs while the machine is in reverse backing out of the pile, the hoist lever automatically kicks into the hold position, at a safe load and carry height, allowing the operator to see over the top of the bucket as you are approaching the truck and because of the dual transducers and trapping of the oil, rocking the machine is not critical.

Note: The reason for these procedures is because the hydraulic oil is moving past the transducer while weighing and hydraulic pressure is caused by restriction to flow.


Provided the ride control is working correctly, this option can be switched off either automatically or manually during truck loading. The Ez~Scale generally completes its’ weighing while the machine is backing out of the pile so the ride control does not come into play. We have Ez~Scale’s installed and working on makes & models from 1995 to present that don’t interfere with accurate results.

Approximately 1 day to install and 1/2 a day to calibrate and train the operator.

This includes installation, calibration & operator training, providing the customer has prepared the machine as per the pre-installation instructions, has an operator, legal weighbridge and a truck available, for testing.

Yes, this is a major advantage of an after market weighing system.

This has been done numerous times. It takes approximately two days to remove refurbish and reinstall the Ez~Scale system on another machine.

Yes, there are numerous benefits available.

Some Examples…

USB Date Logging

Ticket Printer

Allows the loader operator to download/print a ticket that shows the TARGET weight, total loaded and the number of lifts to achieve total weight. The downloaded/printed ticket also identifies the product & customer, the date, time, operator, unit and location.

This is a useful tool to resolve any dispute between the loader operator & truck driver at the weigh bridge The printer can be set to automatically print a ticket at the end of the loading cycle for every load or just when required.

This is also a useful management tool to track productivity of each of your individual loaders, operators and locations.