Ez-Scale Features

An investment in productivity

Safe, fast and user friendly with the features you need.

  • 1) Accuracy better than ½ of 1% not + or – ½ of 1% while weighing with the machine on the move
  • 2) Weighs accurately with the machine on the move
  • 3) Operator selects the RPM they prefer for weighing

Design Advantages

  • 1) Tough rugged construction made of Die Cast Metal, (not plastic) for years of reliable service
  • 2) USB equipped standard for upload and download of products, load records, truck IDs, operators and daily totals

Improved cycle times

Wheel loaders can target load trucks to within 1/2% while the machine is on the move. When it comes to accurately loading trucks, road ready and avoiding overloads or the need for vehicle to dump off at the legal truck scale, there is no equal.

Ez-Scale display features

  • 1) High visibility touch screen
  • 2) Large buttons, superior readability in direct sunlight or low light conditions
  • 3) Larger screen size makes it easier for operators

On Board Ticket Printer

Easy to operate 30% faster than the standard printers Drop-in paper loading, Flexible paper widths Uses standard interchangeable interface cards Two-color black and red ticket and information printing Right-side-up printing for quick references Printer is installed in the cab of the wheel loader to provide ease and flexible operation

USB Data Logging

Uses standard USB flash drive Works through the built in USB Port Works with any Flash drive Insert Flash drive into the USB port Download activities of Product, Customer, Operator or Tickets Also download systems onfiguration, calibration and much more Upload systems configuration, calibration, version and much more Downloaded files are in Microsoft excel format

Something Better Was Needed

Over the years, Scott Beaumont, President of Trouble-Shooting Services has been to countless job sites across North America. After talking to owners and operators about what they wanted in the ideal loader scale, he set out to build it.

Scott partnered with an internationally respected engineering firm, and under his direction, the Ez~Scale Touch Screen was born. It’s the only loader scale that combines the features that operators and management want most.

The Ez-Scale In Action