Ez-Scale Benefits

Why you should invest in an Ez-Scale



  • Guaranteed more accurate than any competitor, when weighing with the machine on the move better
    than ½ of 1% not + or – ½ of 1%;
  • Four-point calibration for improved accuracy when weighing a partial bucket of material.
  • Weight captured while the hydraulics are closed to virtually eliminate variations found with competitors weigh systems caused by RPM, movement of the machine.

Rarely Calibrate

  • Does not require periodic calibration, even when adding bucket teeth or a new cutting edge;
  • Several systems in use today have never required calibration or service since initial installation and calibration.

Operator Friendly

  • Operator chooses their own preferred operating RPM depending on the conditions (for best accuracy,
    other systems must operate at the calibrated RPM);
  • Weighs automatically and accurately (to within a 1/2%) “While the loader is being operated on the move” in normal conditions;
  • Touch screen commands, operation is intuitive!
  • Counts down from a Target or counts up to accumulate Running Total automatically (no need to push a


  • Competitively priced yet Upgradeable – Ez~Scale can be upgraded to the current technology in order to use new options just by inserting a USB key with the new software. Others, either cannot supply the options or can only supply them with the purchase of new systems;
  • Saves on fuel, wear on pins, bushings, engine, and time because the operator is not required to warm
    hydraulics to a predetermined temperature before using. In order to get an accurate weight, other systems
    must have the hydraulics warmed to operating temperature every time before using. They recommend lifting a loaded bucket several times;
  • Weighs accurately every time, while the machine is moving, in normal conditions. Other systems must be
    stationary or on smooth ground, to produce an acceptable weight or the scale will not display a load weight
    and the operator must weigh the bucket again, or they will display an incorrect amount;
  • Can be purchased with new equipment through any OEM;
  • A low cost equipment and materials management tool.

Product Support

  • Direct Product Support by our toll free number, e-mail or fax from anywhere in North America;
  • Trouble-Shooting Services Ltd. represents the manufacturer in North America, we stock over $250,000 of
    product in Carlisle Ontario and handle all Warrantable Claims;
  • Three professional service technicians with fully equipped service vehicles in Ontario;
  • Dealers with spare parts and trained technicians in Canada, and in some US States;
  • “If you ever require service from Trouble-Shooting Services Ltd. on our Ez~Scale product in Ontario and we donot have a required part in our service vehicle, we will not charge for the service call!”
  • We will even ship parts direct and assist your technician over the telephone.

How does the Ez-Scale accomplish this?

The basic Ez~Scale system is capable of tracking up to 250 trucks and/or 200 product names. It can be utilized for loading trucks to a predetermined net load weight.

With the optional Data Logger, Printer and Driver Identification installed:

When the operator turns on the scale, they are shown a list of operator names; they simply touch their name on the list to identify themselves. Ez~Scale now tracks the loads they weigh under their name. As a truck arrives for a load, the operator selects the truck from the Customer List and the material to be loaded from the Product List. When the operator presses the Target Area, the pre-entered net load weight is displayed. The operator can accept this or change it at will. As the operator loads the truck, every bucket-full is automatically weighed and subtracted from the desired Target Weight. When the truckload is completed, the Data Logger automatically records the date, time, target selected, quantity delivered, and number of lifts required for the truckload. Ez~Scale can even be set to automatically print a (single or double) hard copy ticket.

The Ez~Scale is much more than an accurate weigh system.

Ez~Scale will provide consistent accurate weight (½%) while the machine is moving, under most normal loading conditions – thereby maintaining your machine cycle time, efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

With, Data Logger (optional), Printer (optional) and Driver Identification (standard) on your load out equipment it becomes a valuable management tool, capable of tracking the activity of the operator, loader, trucks beingloaded and quantity of material handled.